kate wolf


In 1980, I entered Sonoma State University in California to study music composition and acoustic bass full time with bassist Mel Graves. It was around this time that I met guitarist Nina Gerber who was working with folk singer Kate Wolf at the time. We became friends and began playing together in a couple of different bands, backing singer/songwriters including Ashley Cleveland , Steve Seskin, and blues guitarist Debbie Davies. At one point Nina asked me to join her and Kate for a short tour and recording project. Being somewhat of jazz/rock snob at the time, I reluctantly agreed, though I was pretty unexcited about the prospect of playing folk music. What started as a one-shot deal evolved into a rich 5 year journey that had a profound and lasting influence on my musical sensibilities and compositional style. I found an appreciation and love for the simplicity inherent in folk music, especially as a bassist. Though Kate passed away in late 1980's, her music lives on...



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